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Truly amazing, never recycled, sometimes odd, and completely original, Dreamed Stories is a high-level radio play-style audio production derived from dream experiences jotted down in the middle of the night, trancribed into a collection of short stories and, ultimately, recorded as high-quality auditory visualizations.

From the resurrection of sex during an accidental glitch in interplanetary relations in the far, far distant future when sex no longer existed, to an abandoned train station on the outskirts of Cairo, Georgia in the 1960s where an old love refuses to die; from an orphan boy vying for the attention of his favorite boxing hero and movie star, to an extraterrestrial visit of an alien’s heart to planet Earth to deliver salvation; from hunting down Bruce Lee’s killer and the strange, unexpected events that unfold, to entering the astounding realm of a parallel universe through an invisible tunnel inside a building of a small British town during a 19th century school-trip; from the abrupt and funny love predicament of two soon-to-be-wed lovers taking place on the docks of Venice, California, to an evasive British cargo ship high on the ship-sinking target list of German submarines in the Atlantic Ocean during WWII; from the Arsenic Fields of Nicaragua that hold inside its logic-defying confines an American Secret Intelligence man whose wife is hell-bent on rescuing him herself, to a strange tropical fruit that aids a serial psychopath and his family to commit murders defying all rationale; from the “true” legend of the American dream and the unveiling of the identity of the very first human who conceived it, to the nail-biting confessions of an Austrian race car driver in the 50s, not long after the Second World War.

If you like watching movies, you will love listening to Dreamed Stories!

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